Your Loan Package should contain the following information:

  • Executive Summary: ​this is one of the most important sections of your package, it outlines your goals and objectives. It introduces you and your project to the lender, in the first 2-3 pages you must convince the lender you have a viable proposal. If not you leave empty handed.

  • Personal Financial Statements: all principles (with 20% or more ownership). Make sure that all sections are filled out "completely and correctly", do not put "see attached". Use a standard form (bank or SBA), do not use an Excel spread sheet to make your own statements. Save everyone time, be sure it is signed and dated.

  • 2 years Personal Tax Returns

  • ​Borrower's Resume

  • 1003 or Standard Application: all principals (with 20% or more ownership). Follow same guidelines as with the Personal Financial Statement.

  • Tri-Merge Credit Report: ​borrowers can usually pull a free report without a credit ding. ( It's best to check your credit before the lender does, it may give you the opportunity to correct any false information and increase your score.

  • Company: 2 years and YTD (year to date) of P&L"S (profit and loss statements) and balance sheet.

  • Company: LLC or corporation, need to submit Operating Agreement (who is authorized to sign on behalf of the company).

  • Real Estate: submit appraisal or BPO (broker's price opinion) if available, do not order an appraisal, the lender will want to order one in their name.

  • Purchase: ​will require a copy of the purchase and sales agreement.

  • Rental Property: ​2 years and YTD (year to date) rent rolls


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If you are serious about acquiring a loan, you need to be serious about preparing your loan submission package! Do you know what to include? Do you know how to prepare the package! ​Lenders look at many loan requests "packages", that first impression may or may not get you to the next stage. If it's a poorly prepared package with missing or wrong information, it goes in the "trash can"! If the package is well prepared and contains the complete and correct information the package moves forward, that's a good sign and that's where you want to be.......




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