Genoa ILL. 60135 is located 60 miles west of downtown Chicago, the Riverbend project is bordered by State Route 72 on the north - a county forest preserve on the south and southwest - the local high school (new Genoa/Kingston High) on the west and the Kishwaukee River on the east. Total acreage of the subdivision is 280 acres, which includes extensive park and recreational areas.

What the Project is:

The Riverbend subdivision has 440 residential lots, of which 226 lots have existing homes, 22 lots are privately owned. The remaining 192 lots have been purchased by Genoa Investments Enterprises, LLC (GIE LLC).

Single Family lots                                     63

​Multi-family (duplex/4 plex)                      91

Townhome                                               29 

Bungalow                                                   9

It should be noted that 3 commercial lots consisting of 16 acres are available to GIE LLC in the same subdivision,

bordering State Highway Route 72.                 

​​​​​Funding Professionals